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MIT vs. Harvard

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Congradulations to MIT!


This week it was released the MIT has finally surpassed Harvard Cambridge U. as the best university on earth in the QS world rankings.

MIT ranked 1

I may be bias because I live in MIT's backyard and work for a MIT founded and incubated software firm (which happens to have an image shout out at the bottom of this article), but it really comes as no surprise that MIT has finally made it to the top. The article attributes the world ranking to a global trend towards science and technology.  If you're reading this blog you've probably got more than a topical interest in science and technology, you probably believe that the innovation coming from technology start-ups is not only driving the global economy, but propelling humanity towards our immeasurable potential.

If you're interested to learn more about the latest start-ups coming from the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship you can take a look at this list of MIT student run start-ups that won zero equity grants from MIT. Here are the teams that presented at the MIT Summer Accelorator Day.


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